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No body is wrong. Media, culture and society have consistently perpetuated the notion that we must be prettier, leaner, brighter and shinier. And we’ve now arrived at a place where beauty filters on social media are, unsurprisingly, negatively affecting user’s mental health.

Director Josiah Watson has teamed up with TBWA Auckland and Bodyright to promote ‘March Unfiltered’. A week long celebration of raw and unedited photos. A challenge to detox from what is now an unethical practice of retouching and editing.

  • Good Oil Production Co
  • Agency TBWA
  • Josiah Watson Director Good Oil
  • Andrew McLean Executive Producer Good Oil
  • Wiktor Skoog Creative TBWA
  • Shane Bradnick CCO TBWA
  • Jake Munro DOP
  • Matic Prusnik Colourist