Josiah has assisted some of the worlds most celebrated director’s and production companies in visual research and treatment design for global brands and campaigns, music video’s & films.

A selection of work pitched on can be seen in the corresponding list.

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Intersport "Einman Sport" | Salomon Ligthelm | Marken Film Keno "Play On" | Sam Hibbard | Finch Levis "Join the Movement" | Nadia Marquard Otzen | Newland Bitburger "'Unser Bitte, Eure Em." | Eliot Rausch | Stink Australia "Have You Heard Of This Place?" | Jared Clayton | Finch International Olympic Committee "Every Rise, Every Fall, Every Victory — We're In It Together" | Salomon Ligthelm | Prettybird Ældre Sagen "Together Against Loneliness" | Tore Frandsen | Newland Petbarn "Meet Chi-Chi" | Sam Hibbard | Finch Alfa Romeo "Near Life Experience" | Salomon Ligthelm | Nicholas Berglund KIA + FIFA "Every Four Years" | Salomon Ligthelm | Stink Bodyright "No Body Is Wrong" | Josiah Watson | Good Oil Films Sony Pictures "The Pope's Excorcist" | Julius Avery | Sony Pictures RFS "Bush Fire Ready" | Kyra Bartley | Finch Mercedes Benz "Welcome to Beyond" | Saad Moosajee | Smuggler Subaru "One Little Moment" | Campbell Hooper | The Sweet Shop Tourism Australia "See Australia" | Christopher Riggert | Finch Spark "Detail is Everything" | AJ Greenwood | Finch KFC "Drumsticks" | Riley Blakeway | Division 7Eleven "Every Cupful" | Luke Bouchier | Finch Cupra "A Bond to Emotions" | Albert Uria | Garage Films The Ghan "Journey Beyond" | Riley Blakeway | Division Volkswagen "Golf R" | Alberto Blanco | 27km Volkswagen "No More Business as Usual" | Tucker Bliss | 27km Nissan "Alter Ego" | Salomon Ligthelm | Soft Citizen AMI "Drummer" | Joel Kefali | Good Oil Films Ladbrokes "Mates Mode" | Benji Weinstein | Finch Publix "Magic Lunchbox" | Madeline Clayton | Curfew Sony "Bravia XR" | Toby Pike | Finch Allianz "100 Years Of Weather" | Paola Morabito | Finch Nike "Runners Helping Runners" | Matt Kamen | Division Westpac "Together Greater" | Bobbsey Twins | Finch Sub Zero "Higher Standard" | Campbell Hooper | The Sweet Shop